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Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Locations Discussed by Design Director

We know that Warner Bros. Interactive will be releasing Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor later this year. There are certain things that we know about the title, and then there are some that had been kept under the lid so far. One example would be the locations that Frodo and Sam would explore; this was attended to recently.

Monolith, the developer of Fear finally decided to shed some light on some of the iconic places through their director of design Michael de Peter. He was interviewed recently and when asked about the game’s setting he named a few places like Barad Dur and Mount Doom:

“What was exciting for us about exploring Mordor as a setting is that it is simultaneously so iconic and central to Middle-earth at the same as being something of a mystery, especially at the time when our story begins when Sauron has been absent for millennia. Iconic sites like the Black Gates, Barad-Dur and Mount Doom look very different to the blasted hell-scape seen by Sam and Frodo.

Additionally we get to travel deeper into Mordor to locations that have never been seen before in games. This lets us explore Mordor as a real ecosystem and living world, answering questions such as how Sauron could feed his massive armies in a land where we have previously only seen arid plains of ash.”

Looks like the setting of Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor is going to be pretty expansive, what do you think?