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Left 4 Dead Survivors Announced For Japanese Arcades

One of the best co-op games of last generation Left 4 Dead will now be made for the Japanese Arcades and will be named as Left 4 Dead Survivors. The game was first unveiled as “Project Z” and Nesica told everyone that it was under development for the Taito Nesica arcade systems.

No further details on the upcoming arcade game were shared apart from an image, which indicates that more information on the game will be coming in the near future.

Left for Dead Survivors

Valve’s Left 4 Dead gathered a huge fan base due to its cooperative style of gameplay and still it is considered to be one of the best titles made for the PC and Xbox 360.

The first game starts just as the state of Pennsylvania is hit with the Green Flu, which is killing of the body cells and creating numerous dangerous mutations.

Four protagonists of the game named as Bill, who is a war veteran, Louis – an IT expert, Zoey – a college student and Francis – an outlaw try to make it through the city of Fairfield only to find out that the infection is spreading more and more and creating new mutations.

How do you think the Left 4 Dead Survivors will shape up for the Japanese Arcades? Share your theories in the comments!