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Halo Listing on Walmart, Is It Halo 5 or the Anniversary Edition?

When Microsoft revealed Xbox One last year, it was more than obvious that the company planned to release a Halo title on its new console down the line. It’s more like a tradition as any Microsoft console without Halo would seem incomplete.

Being aware of the franchise’s significance, Microsoft didn’t wait too long to announce the next halo game for Xbox One.

Although there was an announcement and a short teaser at E3 2013, nothing further was revealed about the release window or even the proper name of the game. However, a new Halo title wasn’t the only news that Microsoft had stored for us.

Halo 2: Anniversary Edition is also part of Microsoft’s grand plan.

Since there is no clear cut statement from Microsoft about the release of any of these two titles, fans are left with rumors and unofficial statements that have been circulating around the web about the release of these two games especially the new Halo title.

That being said, another listing for Halo has been spotted on Walmart that says a Halo game is coming in October this year for Xbox One.

Now the question is, whether its the Anniversary edition or supposedly the Halo 5 as the cover only mentions Halo and Xbox One.

Although anything is possible, the logical deduction should be that it’s a placeholder for Halo 2: Anniversary Edition as Microsoft would have already spilled something on the new title if it was meant to be released this year.

They are good at marketing their exclusives (yes, I am referring to Titanfall) and for the time being, we don’t even know the proper name of the upcoming Halo game which points us towards the more logical choice which would be Halo 2: Anniversary.

Let’s just hope that E3 will solve this dilemma this year. What do you think?