GRID Autosport PC Getting High Quality Texture Pack, It’s 5GB in Size

GRID Autosport, the new installment to the GRID series, will be getting a High Quality texture pack on the PC.

Richard Kettlewell, Senior Programmer of GRID Autosport, announced the free texture pack DLC will be available to the Steam Community when the game releases on June 24th.

The DLC will enable high quality shadows, overhaul the specular maps with high resolution car/dashboard reflections, enable Wheel Support, 4K Support, enable 60FPS giving the PC version an edge over the console version which is locked at 30FPS, and many more features.

Speaking to CVG, Kettlewell explained that before compression the total DLC weighed around 30GB whilst the game itself weighs to 11GB, the team managed to reduce the size from 30GB to 5GB making the total Game installation + DLC weigh around 16GB.

The DLC will not be coming for the Console Versions on account of Kettlewell pointing at the team’s issues with working on a closed machine. He said that PC allows the team to go beyond the limitations and provide great visual effects and details without fearing a hit to the overall performance of the game.

GRID Autosport is the third title in the GRID series and is set to release this June 24th on the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.