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Chronology Comes To Steam In May, Despite Dev Closing

Puzzle game Chronology will be coming to Steam on May 14, 2014. It’s a little of a surprise, since developer Progressive Media has gone under this year and that while having the game approved through Steam Greenlight.

Moved by this injustice, a few developers bonded together and created Osao Games to continue the journey of this PC game and get it on digital distribution. That’s a really heartwarming thought, as having to buckle so close to your goal must be tough.

Chronology stars an old man who finds a time machine and can go back to fix the now devastated world. Together with the help of a snail, the two will work towards altering both past and present to solidify their future.

Environments are kept in 2D with illustrative, painted scenes. Apparently, the style is inspired by Studio Ghibli anime such as Howls Moving Castle and My Friend Totoro. At least, that’s what Osao Games states:

We’ve taken these worlds and mixed them with video game classics – Day of the Tentacles and Lost Vikings, as players travel back and forth between ages to uncover an adventure of mixed dimensions.

Gameplay in Chronology features time manipulation that helps the old man get around obstacles. For instance, a platform may be unattainable in the present, but by moving a block in the past, it’s possible to reach it by switching around again.

It has a few similarities to the indie hit Braid, but with more diverse gameplay options.

There’s no price point for Chronology just yet.