Chariot, A Co-op Adventure Platformer Headed to PlayStation 4

Frima Games is looking to take the old school approach to the gaming by making a couch co-op adventure platformer named as Chariot. In this game, two players will have to work together to take their chariot through different underground levels while sitting side by side.

The developer describes the plot of the game as:

Chariot is the story of a princess whose task it is to lay her father’s remains in his final resting place. With the help of her fiancé, she has to take this heavy chariot holding the king’s remains through underground mazes in order to reach a sepulcher fit for His Majesty.

However, the king’s ghost, bound to the chariot, has quite a temper and insists that he be buried with vast amounts of riches. Exploring and collecting loot in the caves therefore becomes an essential part of the game.

As players progress, tunneling deeper and deeper underground, they’ll often stray off the main path and need to come up with inventive ways to get their hands on hard-to-reach loot and collectibles.

Seems quite an interesting story and I believe this is where the co-op elements will come into play and the best part is, instead of shouting out on your headphones, you will be talking to a person who is sitting right beside you.

You will be able to plan your moves and strategize without having too much trouble.

It is good to see Frima Games working on to bring the old school gaming style back into play because nowadays most of the developers have put a lot of their focus on the multiplayer aspects of the game.

Chariot will be coming to PlayStation 4 via PSN by the end of this year. So far, there is no word on the Xbox One version of the game but we will keep you posted as developers reveal more.

Source: PlayStation Blog