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Caribbean Drops Mount & Blade Pirate RPG On Steam

Developer Snowbird Games dropped an Early Access game, called Caribbean, on Steam that looks like it could be a lot of fun for the conquering simulation fan. This sandbox roleplaying game (RPG) is visibly similar to the beloved Mount & Blade series.

Technically, the game is built from the Mount & Blade: Warband engine, which is the most prominent of the franchise’s iterations, having spawned several popular conversions in the past. Here, as the name suggests, the third person game is used to recreate the piracy high days of the 17th century.

You’ll have to forgive the “indie” graphics the engine portrays, but it gets the job done and it gives back in content tenfold.

You’ll be able to partake in the same sort of responsive melee combat that changes depending on the stance and direction. Melee fighters may find it similar to games like the Chivalry series.

As a true commander, it’s also possible to ride horses and wield guns. This changes the dynamic of the large, open group fights quite a bit.

Naturally, Caribbean will have sailing across the North American region as well. On your travels, you may also start fighting with some passing ships. Combat has different forms of damage, which can affect sails or set fire to boats.

There are even boarding mechanisms present to take those group fights to the seas. Some of that may be updated later on.

Other improvements for the game, currently in Alpha, include a deeper economy system for alternate gameplay, new locations, squad management for sieges and artillery to complement city assaults.

In short, Caribbean is like the Sid Meier: Pirates! series. It’s actually a rather interesting development.

Since Mount & Blade originally used the commandeering element of Pirates to amass an army and take over cities, but on land, Caribbean now lets the genre come full circle back to its origins.

Caribbean is available for €14.99.