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Battlefield 4 Rent-A-Server Program Now Live For All Consoles Except Xbox One

Battlefield 4 Rent-A-Server program is now live on the consoles. However, the Xbox One owners will have to wait a little bit as the developer fixes some technical problems.

In case you are unfamiliar with the Rent-A- Server program then you must know that it allows you to create your own private or even public server for the Battlefield 4 and not only that, you will also have multiple options for customization to suit your play-style as well.

DICE wrote on their blog about the Xbox One issue for the servers:

The servers which were already rented [on Xbox One] will still be available for play, but admins may not be able to access all the management features at this time. As soon as a fix is in place we will announce its availability.

The rental periods can go up to 90 days but they will cost you more. 1 Day server rent is $1.49 while weekly server will cost $6.99. Monthly Server package costs $24.99 and if you really just want to spend your whole time in your own created server then you should choose the 90 Days offer which is priced at $59.99.

Right now there are very limited servers available for rent but the developer has promised to increase that number in the coming months.

Moreover, DICE is rolling out a new server update R33, which is going to fix the extremely annoying Death Shield Bug, which stopped all of the projectiles around revive able players.

Will you be using Rent-A-Server Program in Battlefield 4? Let us know in your comments!

Source: Battlefield Blog