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Without Memory is an “Interactive Thriller” For The PS4

Moscow-based Dinosaurum Games has announced Without Memory, an “interactive thriller” set for release in 2016 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

The game is currently in the very early segments of its development phase and looks to have just gotten past the concept work. Apart from the game being powered by Unreal Engine 4, nothing else is known at the moment.

Accompanying the announcement was a batch of the concept art done for the game, and a promise that the first screenshots of the game will be released this summer. We take it that the developer will then be also handing out more information on their game.

The thriller genre isn’t exactly the most widespread on consoles and neither have we seen good titles in that specific department for that matter. It’ll be interesting to see just what Dinosaurum Games is working on that needs the PlayStation 4’s hardware to power up an interactive setting.