Watch Dogs Season Pass Is Available Now and Gets You Story Missions, Conspiracy Mode, Weapons and Outfits

Update: The Season Pass for Watch Dogs is now available to download from Xbox Live and Playstation Store for $19.99.

Xbox Live users can buy the standalone Season Pass for $19.99/£15.99/€19.99, whereas; the Playstation owners can only buy it as a part of complete bundle for $79.99/£63.99. You can also see the recently released Season Pass Trailer above.

Original Story: Ubisoft has announced the Season Pass for their upcoming open-world third-person shooter Watch Dogs. For $19.99, players can get new story missions, a new game mode, weapons and clothing for Aidan and more.

The Season pass comes with 4 new single-player missions; one of them has the players take control of T-Bone, the eccentric hacker who works with Aidan in the main campaign. The other three-story add-ons are: Breakthrough Pack, Palace Pack and the Signature Shot Pack.

The new mode, called Conspiracy, is a new type of Digital Trip; defined as a ‘altered mental state’ for Pearce, is a special mode with objectives focused on the gameplay mechanics rather the narrative.

In Conspiracy, all the citizens appear as Cybernetic Zombies to Pearce. Other Digital Trip modes like Spider Tank allow players to take control of a giant spider-tank and destroy anything they see.

In the Madness Digital Trip, the citizens are converted into demons, and a voice orders Pearce to kill selected demons in the mode.

The Season Pass also includes the Untouchables Pack which adds Missions, Weapons and Outfits for Pearce themed on the popular gangster movie. The pack is exclusive to Season Pass holders in North America.

Owners of the Season Pass will have access to the included content one week before it is available to the public, Ubisoft says the Season Pass’ price represents more than 25% discount over separate purchases of each DLC pack.

WatchDogs releases on May 27 for the PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4. The WiiU version of the game is in development, but no release window has been announced yet. Ubisoft also announced that the Season Pass won’t be available for the Wii U version.