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Watch Dogs PC and PS4 Differences Explained Along With Free Roam and Multiplayer Details

Watch Dogs is a big deal for every platform. Fans of the franchise who have long anticipated the release would definitely want to choose the platform that outputs best possible visuals.

The very idea that one platform could in theory be inferior to other leads to skepticism by fans which can ultimately affect the sales, bottom line for any publisher and developer of the game.

Knowing that, Creative Director of Watch_Dogs while answering how PS4 version compares to PC in terms of lighting, weather and explosions, said:

Moving on if you were ever worried about whether Watch Dogs will restrict the playable area of Chicago for online Free Roam, you shouldn’t as you will be able to explore the entire map without any restriction.

If you want to have fun, you can either invite your friends or leave it open for someone to hack into. Entering the free roam is as easy as opening the map, switching to the grid and sending a request.

That’s all you need to do to jump in. When it comes to options, Watch Dogs has its limitations – unlike Infamous / Assassin’s Creed, you can’t choose weather but you can choose the time of the day by going to sleep at the hideout.

During multiplayer, if you choose quick reflexes ability, you will still get ‘helpers but time won’t slow down.

Character customization and how you appear to other players depends on you.

For example, if you hacked a game and your opponent comes back and hacks back the game, it is possible for them to appear as the same person if they chose to customize their ‘online appearance for other players.

You can customize your character by buying outfits in entirety. You cannot buy accessories in game; you will have to buy the whole outfit.

The Watch Dogs mobile application ctOS will be available to everyone for free whether you have the game or not. No restriction on the territories and it has been developed by the same development team.

The money from hacking NPCs will stack and can be withdrawn all at once by visiting the ATM.

If you have heat level zero and do not fight cops, they will arrest you provided you do not pose any threat or show fleeing intent. If you pose a threat, it is obvious they would be more hostile towards you.

That’s pretty much it for now but I will recommend you going through the tweets yourself and see how much you can learn.