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Sucker Punch Was Not Expecting Photo Mode To Be This Popular

What started as merely a feature requested by fans, has now turned into something greater. The addition of Photo Mode to InFamous: Second Son has had an overwhelming response from fans and Sucker Punch for one was not prepared for it.

Speaking with the PlayStation Blog about Photo Mode, the studio’s Senior Software Engineer Matt Durasoff revealed that the mode was purely made on the basis of fan feedback. However seeing just how much effort players were putting in to capture some amazing shots without the help of any special tools, the team jumped in to “provide some more power, open up the game engine a little bit and let everybody tweak the visuals the way we already do in-house.”

Sucker Punch admitted that they were not expecting such a huge response and initially were only hoping “the small core of enthusiasts” who had asked for it in the first place, would embrace it. Seeing the amount of shots being shared on social media, one would figure everyone to be more busy capturing shots than playing the game.

On whether Photo Mode would be a part of future Sucker Punch games, Durasoff said, “We’re proud of our artwork, and I think whatever helps show that off is important. So yeah, Photo Mode is a good starting point…”

Durasoff also mentioned that “most of the studio is already hard at work on what’s next!,” perhaps teasing another DLC for the game or an upcoming update.