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Sony Trademarks Bloodborne and Microsoft Registers XboxAb

As we venture close to E3 2014, both Sony and Microsoft have started locking down trademarks and domains.

Earlier today, Microsoft was spotted to have had registered two mysterious domains – and Both were filed simultaneously and there’s no information on what they could be. Microsoft has kept quite upon questioning and the ‘ab’ part just makes us assume it has something to do with a new fitness Kinect game which may be getting ready to be revealed at E3.

A couple of hours ago Sony came into the spotlight as well. The company recently filed for the registration of a trademark for something called Bloodborne with the US Patents and Trademark Office.

More assumptions lead us to Bloodborne perhaps having something to do with a vampire or undead related game. Others on the web are linking it with Resistance 3; where Bloodborne was the name of a challenging trophy that asked you to kill three enemies simultaneously using a single mutated body.

E3 2014 begins in June and this time around Microsoft is looking to make amends. The company has already outed its plans to keep the presentation short and restricted to just games alone. Sony on the other hand will be hoping to capitalize on its so far victorious march and to increase its lead with the announcements of some new games.