Sniper Elite 3 Lets You Perform Vehicle Takedowns

The latest developer Q&A video for Sniper Elite 3 reveals that players will be able to snipe vehicles, such as tanks and jeeps.

The new vehicle takedowns being introduced in the third installment will come complete with the X-Ray Killcam. Shooting a jeep for example, will let you see the insides of the engine as the bullet makes it way through it in slow-motion.

Tanks are a different subject. The player can either take them out with a combination of well-placed explosives and shots or they can tag weak points in the tank with their binoculars and take the tank apart piece by piece. If the player feels like he is up to the challenge, he can also opt to take out the driver by shooting through the vision slot.

Sniper Elite 3 is the latest chapter in the award winning Sniper Elite series and is due for release on the PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 on June 27. You can pre-purchase the game and get the “Hunt the Grey Wolf” DLC for free.

The said DLC adds a new mission where the Sniper goes to North Africa to assassinate Hitler; two years before he is said to have had committed suicide in his Berlin Bunker. The DLC features an open environment, random target identities, journals and locations. According to the developer, no two playthroughs of the mission will be the same.