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Respawn Cofounder Vince Zampella Turns to Mobile Gaming with Nuclear Division

In the recent days, we have all known Vince Zampella to be the man to go to when we wanted some of the juicy insights on Titanfall. Yet, that is not all; he has been in the industry for quite some time and is the cofounder of Respawn Entertainment. We believe him to be an advocate of core gaming too. However, latest news tells he is heading towards mobile game development.

Zampella has opened up a mobile gaming studio called Nuclear Division, and he is doing this in collaboration with Larry Pacey. The latter is the former product head of WMS and the guy who got Vince Zampella his first job.

So why is he looking towards mobile game development? Because he thinks that there is potential:

“It’s a device that I play on because I always have it with me. It always connected. You’re engaged with it. There’s something you can do with that. I’m not saying one is better than the other, in terms of console versus mobile. It’s a different gaming experience. Both interest me.”

Pacey on the other hand is pretty blunt, he believes that ‘Mobile is where the eyeballs are at’ – whether he meant it literally or in terms of future potential, he adds:

“We have been talking about what kind of products we would make if we were able to pursue that channel. The goal is to build the kind of product that Vince and I know. It is based on things we like, and is more for the core gamer. If you look at our careers, we like to find new players experiences that are differentiated and unique.”

You don’t need to be too worried if you are not a mobile gaming fan, Zampella has said that he will retain his position at Respawn and spend more of his time with them. At Nuclear Division his role would be more of a confidante, an adviser, board member and of course an investor.

What do you think about this new venture of Vince Zampella? What do you expect from Nuclear Division?