Here’s Three Minutes of H-Hour: World’s Elite Gameplay Video You Might Enjoy

We know that H-Hour: World’s Elite is being chimed as the spiritual successor to SOCOM, and that it has been in development since last year. Fans of the PS2 classic tactical shooter would want to know where the indie developers are taking the game that has won most of its crowdfunding campaign due to its relation with SOCOM.

The developer, SOF Studios released a gameplay video for H-Hour: World’s Elite recently. It is more of a proof of concept for the game as you can see from the video above but even then it surely does enlighten us as to what the devs are up to.

The video has been taken from different sessions so mind the differences. Also it is a work in progress towards a title that is expected to eventually hook up with Unreal Engine 4, so my bet is that things will get a lot better as time goes by.

The game was successfully Kickstarted in July last year and is expected to be released sometime in January 2015, are you one of the backers for H-Hour: World’s Elite? How do you like the gameplay video? Share your views in the comments section below.