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H1Z1 Gameplay Livestream Worth 12 Hours Coming Today

Couple of months ago H1Z1 was merely a zombie related hoax that troubled some and amused many. Today it is a hugely anticipated zombie survival game which according to Sony is difficult even when compared to the likes of Dark Souls.

The fans will get another chance to look at how the game is turning out through an H1Z1 gameplay livestream that is scheduled for today.

The official Twitch channel of the game will be used to stream straight from the Sony Online Entertainment offices in San Diego.

What’s more important is that the length of the complete H1Z1 gameplay livestream is going to be 12 hours long!

If you are interested, you should head straight to Twitch at 9 AM today i.e. April 29, 2014. The stream will continue until 9 PM on the same days.

That is not it, if you are in the close vicinity of SOE’s San Diego offices, you will be given a chance to meet the team of developers as well as playing an early build.

You will have to be at their office between 12 PM to 5 PM in order to be able to do at least one of those two things.

What we know so far about H1Z1 is that the game is going to make its way to PC first and then to PlayStation 4. You will either play in teams to stay alive against the zombies or you will be fighting against other players in versus mode.

The game is expected to hit Steam Early Access next month, check out the H1Z1 gameplay livestream today and tell us if it excites you enough to make you opt for the early access?