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Final Fantasy XV: New Details Revealed For Gameplay, Storyline and Character Backgrounds

PlayStation Japan has been updated to include more details for Final Fantasy XV regarding its gameplay, storyline and character backgrounds.

The game will feature five main characters: Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, Promopto, and Cor. Noctis and Gladiolus have known each other since childhood and are good friends. Noctis is of royal blood and is in direct line to be the next king of Rushisu; while Gladiolus is a royal protector whose family has served as protectors for Noctis’ and his predecessors for generations.

Noctis despises the formal life and instead wants to protect those he cares about. As his friend and protector, Glaiolus will be following Noctis through his adventures. Ignis is another character and also a childhood friend who acts as Noctis’ counselor.

Promopto does not belong to any royal line and is a womanizer who stood as a rival of Noctis’ during his school years. Cor on the other hand is a loyal and tough warrior who is appointed the kingdom’s Guard Captain.

These five characters will be involved in a major plot concerning two kingdoms about the possession of a special crystal. When a magic barrier which nulls the use of weapons falls around the kingdom of Rushisu, an invasion occurs from their aggressors. Noctis and his allies afterwards are involved in an all-out war over the crystal.

According to PlayStation Japan, Final Fantasy XV will allow players to switch characters on the fly during combat to help create combo-attacks. Final Fantasy XV will also have dynamic field to battle transition which is uninterrupted.

We have yet to see a release date for Final Fantasy XV. For now all we know is that it’s in development for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Source PlayStation Japan