Destiny’s Interview Spills New Information on PvP, PvE & Character Management

Bungie seems right on track with their latest title Destiny. Last night they released a new gameplay trailer called the Devils’ Lair, which was the name of the place that was located somewhere in Russia.

Now, we have a new video interview of community manager Erik Osborne that sheds some light on the game’s character customization system, companion app, PvP and PvE.

The character customization system in Destiny will allow players to personalize face, hair, gender and add markings to the faces of their characters. The game’s companion app will also be released alongside the game, which will give tons of options to choose from to add to your in-game character.

There will also be an option for character swapping for PvP and PvE combat. The PvP however, will be limited in terms of ammo and inventory items because Bungie don’t want their title to become an eSport title.

Furthermore, some information revealed on the game suggests that players will be able to transfer their saves from the last-gen to the next gen consoles.

Bungie has emphasized that they are not just focusing on a single platform or the next-gen consoles, instead the developer will bring the same “super fun” experience to all platforms.

Check out the interview above and share your thoughts about the game in the comments below!

Source: PlayStation Access