The Daily Mail Blames Dark Souls 2 For The Leeds Stabbing

It didn’t take long for The Daily Mail to link the unfortunate incident of a teenager fatally stabbing his teacher to video games.

Ann Maquire, a 61 year old teacher, was stabbed by a 15 year old who according to The Daily Mail was “obsessed with online video game where lone cursed character travels through fantasy world killing others.” The report further mentions the teenager to be a depressed loner who spent most of his time playing ultra-violent games.

The Daily Mail further continued their ignorance of Dark Souls and video games in general with the caption “Gamer: The teenage suspect accused of stabbing to death his teacher was a fan of Dark Souls – a fantasy game where players kill others to survive.”

The boy was known to have been a victim of bullying and was suffering from depression. He was apparently on anti-depressants and had at least once contemplated suicide on account of being bullied. However all these facts were completely ignored by The Daily Mail, who was pretty eager to ping it all on video games and Dark Souls 2 in general. The report even had the Dark Souls 2 launch trailer in it.

The Association of UK Interactive Entertainment, which represents the video games industry in the UK, disputed the report. Speaking to Eurogamer, UKie chairman Andy Payne said the killing was most tragic but The Daily Mail’s accusations are baseless.

The Daily Mail has been known to blame a video game for violence in real life, an issue that still generates headlines in the UK Media. In December 2012, The Sun and The Daily Express blamed games like Call of Duty and Dynasty Warriors for the tragic US School Massacre.