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Call of Duty: Ghosts New Game Mode Reinforce Sighted

Call of Duty: Ghosts is said to be bringing a new game mode in the coming days called Reinforce.

The information comes through ‘Gotopiz‘ who previously accurately discovered that Drop Zone would be added to the multiplayer of the new Call of Duty title. The same person has now discovered Reinforce while going through the files of the game’s most recent patch.

Reinforce is said to be an objective-based mode, much like Domination. The only difference here is that players “capture points to revive fallen teammates.” A team wins once it captures all available points in the map.

Since the mode is outed, expect Infinity Ward to drop in the official word soon and perhaps give us a release date. It’s most likely that Reinforce will be added in the next coming patch.

In related news, the most recent patch finally hit the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 yesterday. The update was first released on the PC earlier this month and then arrived on the Xbox platforms earlier this week.

The update brings plenty of bug fixes to the game’s Extinction mode; as well as balancing, tweaks for competitive play, updates to the anti-cheat, and overall improvements. The update also adds new features like the new Chaos Mode, as well as Casual Extinction and Hardcore Extinction options.