Battlefield 4 Fan-Made Movie ‘Through my Eyes’ is Truly Remarkable

Battlefield 4 has just received a truly amazing fan-made cinematic clip dubbed as: Through my Eyes: I will show you War.

This 02:30 minutes long cinematic clip revolves around an American Soldier running around in different battlefield scenarios, taking out enemy forces, bringing down aircrafts, and aiding his battle-mates.

You will witness lots of explosions going on, buildings being devastated, aircrafts coming down, close quarter combat, and the feeling of losing your friends in a battlefield.

The video in discussion is created by a die-hard Battlefield fan YouTube Channel – The Two Scotsmen. Since its official release yesterday, the video has managed around 91,000 views on YouTube and the producer Chris Deeprose has already stated that following the overwhelming response, the production house is on to producing more videos in the series:

For more news on Through my Eyes: I will show you War, check The Two Scotsmen YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.

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