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Xbox Original TV Series Guide – Everything You Need To Know

The approaching June will truly transform your living room into a complete Entertainment Hub, provided you have an Xbox lying somewhere.

Xbox Originals is an initiative kicked off by Xbox Entertainment Studios for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and any other Microsoft device.

The studio has gathered some of the brilliant minds from Hollywood Film Industry to bring forth dramas, documentaries, comedies, live events, animations, and unscripted shows.

Artists like Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott are already working on two different projects based on ‘Halo’.

Despite the fact that most Microsoft fans believe that the company is moving from bringing forth games to other interests like TV, Microsoft’s spokesperson firmly holds that ‘Gaming’ is in company’s DNA and creating original TV shows is a part of their evolution.

To people at Microsoft, ‘Gaming’ is at their heart and soul, but the TV will enable them to ‘bring more values to the fans’ or target a larger audience, in my opinion.

Microsoft Entertainment Studios has a bunch of original TV content up its sleeves; both scripted and unscripted.

Some of these TV shows have solid release dates while others are currently in development phase. Whatever the case be; the following shows are sure as shooting headed your way this coming summer via various Microsoft devices.

Halo Television Series
Based on the story of Master Chief and Cortana, Halo Television Series is being directed and produced by Steven Spielberg in collaboration with 343 Industries and Amblin Television.

The show will revolve around the events of Halo video game and is certainly one of the most hyped original TV content by Microsoft Entertainment Studios.

Every Street United
Directed by Jonathan Hock and directed by Mike Tolin, this episodic narrative (unscripted) is comprised of 9 episodes featuring Thierry Henry and Edgar Davids.

Every Street United will revolve around a planetary search for neglected and gifted soccer players scattered in eight different countries.

The series will kick off in forthcoming June and will reach its climax on July, alongside FIFA 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. Henry and Davids will serve as the coaches to the children reaching the finals.

In co-action with Superfly Presents, Microsoft will bring in 13th Annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. The live event will kick start on June 13 and will last until June 15.

During the whole course of the Live Event, players will witness live music, performances, and their favorite artists like never before!

The Bonnaroo application will also allow them to interact with friends, family, and other Xbox community members to discuss the latest happenings.

Signal to Noise
Simon Chin and Jonathan Chin will come forth to discuss how technology has altered the way we interact with things (this world). There are six documentaries scheduled to release, and the first iteration revolves around ‘The Great Video Game Burial of 1983’.

Fuel Entertainment took a keen interest in this urban legend and excavated the whole site followed by a bunch of interviews, which will be exclusively available for Microsoft users somewhere in 2014.

This drama serial is an English adaptation of Sveriges Television and Matador Film’s Swedish drama series ‘Real Humans.

The series is set in a parallel universe where any must have gadget for a family is a ‘Synth’ – which is a robotic servant strikingly resembling its living vis-à-vis.

As far as I can tell, it will only be featured in United Kingdom and will start airing somewhere in 2015.

This project is an adaptation of a role-playing game created by Shane Lacy Hensley. The project will set in a Weird West setting with all sorts of Undead, Sorcerers, and Mad Scientists.

Extraordinary Believers
Produced by Seth Green and Matt Senreich, Microsoft likes to describe this show as, ‘An innovative, hybrid stop-motion show.’

It’s even evident from the title that it’s going to be something bold and blunt.

Fearless revolves around an Australian Navy bomb clearance diver and shark attack survivors who embark upon a journey to make this world a better place to live in. The show is currently being produced by Australian award-winning Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder.

Gun Machine
With Gun Machine, Microsoft plans on getting its very own Sherlock Holmes. This detective thriller is based on NYC’s best-selling novel by Warren Ellis.

The story itself revolves around a detective who is trying to uncover a serial murderer who is somehow related to strange gun collection used in various murders across the state.

Untitled JASH Comedy
The first ever show to launch on Xbox Originals will feature top-notch comedian artists like Reggie Watts and Michael Cera in a standup comedy act.

Each week, a different artist will present his/her act and will be hosted by Sara Silverman. Currently, the show is scheduled to kick start in June.

Based on the popular novel series ‘Winterworld’ and created in collaboration with IDW Entertainment, this will tell the tale of planet Earth, which has been frozen upside down.

The fierce winter will force the survivors to get divided into different clans to wage war against other clans and ensure their survival. Survival of the fittest is what defines Winterworld!

Which of these TV shows are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!