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Latest H1Z1 Gameplay Trailer Asks a Question, “Will You Survive?”

Only recently, Sony Online Entertainment decided to test how good their fans are at cracking codes. The way they did it was by hiding the H1Z1 gameplay trailer behind a lock as well as a teaser image buried under the same.

Naturally the community was all game for it and they unearthed both the teased pieces of content very soon. The infamous Konami cheat code gives you access to both the video on the official website as well as the teaser image.

The trailer is just one minute long but it is new so obviously it has all our attention. In the trailer you see that it’s all dark, grim and foggy as the character trudges forward in the open. There are walls, there is a gate and then you see them; the undead, lurking around like the soulless zombies they are.

However the character is far from them so you think it’s safe. The character keeps walking onwards as the pitch of the music starts to rise and suddenly a flair lights up in front and you see a zombie coming at you on full throttle. In the end, the trailer asks:

Will you survive?

That was it for the H1Z1 gameplay trailer. Moving on to the teaser image, even the code wasn’t enough to crack this one as the image is a largely pixelated mess. You can’t understand anything except for the fact that it needs more decoding.


There is this Reddit thread where fans are discussing ways to break it and find out what else did SOE want to share apart from the H1Z1 gameplay video.

Check it out and tell us what you think.