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Watch Dogs Modes Detailed and How Hacking Works in Single Player

The hype might have settled a bit ever since the delay in the release date of Watch Dogs, but now that we are nearing the release month, things are heating up again. We have heard rumors that the game might get turned into a franchise – which is good – and we have seen the game being compared to GTAV’s success. There’s also the talk about the different Watch Dogs modes an how they incorporate hacking into it.

That is one thing that people are more curious about; the game’s feature that lets you hack other players. We have picked up more information on how it works in the single player mode as well as the different multiplayer modes.

For starters, if you are in game, you will not be safe even in the single player mode. You can be hacked into even without your knowledge through the unconventional online play. All what matter is that if you are fit a certain criteria under the hood, you will be available for other to hack.

Online Hacking lets a player enter the world of another player’s single player campaign. The invader locates you and targets you, and then he has to stay within a specific range for as long as it takes for the progress meter to fill. That locks the hack and you are informed about it. A new meter appears showing the percentage of the hack. Now, you either eliminate the hacker or let him hack you before time runs out.

Moreover, both you and the invader will see their selves as Aiden Pearce although they will see each other as randomly generated models.

Then there is Online Tailing, this is where the invader finds you and has to tail you for as long as the progress meter has not filled up. If you spot the invader you win.

There are four other game modes but in all of them you first accept an invite and then join the fun. You have Online Race where you can hack the city and make the race hell for others by jamming the traffic, raising bridges and whatnot. There is a co-op deathmatch mode called Decryption. The cTOS – Mobile plays out through a tablet where the tablet helps you win a race by giving directions and helicopter aid.

Lastly there is an area of Chicago that has been set aside for a Free Play Mode. You are free to do what you want and the only rule is whether shooting to kill is allowed or not. There are no missions etc. rather it works like a playground where you can pick your own game.

Jonathan Morin, the creative director at Ubisoft who has been pretty vocal about the game’s features also shed light on the way they look at the whole hacking and invading thing in context of the different Watch Dogs modes:

“I think there are a lot of people that are really competitive that will get a lot into [earning experience points], and you want to encourage that, but you don’t want to push away those that only want to do it from time to time. You want to be careful there.”

More interestingly, the system in place in the context of invaders is pretty dynamic, for instance, there is this shield we know of that safeguards you against other hackers – an algorithm that decides how frequently you can be eligible for being invaded.

This system settles itself based on what you do to others. In Morin’s words “If you’re not a player that’s overly excited by that, or you don’t invade a lot of people, then this shield will grow … but if you invade, it shrinks.”

So yes, that’s pretty cool.

What do you think of the different Watch Dogs modes?