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Ubisoft All Set to Make Watch Dogs a Franchise, For Good or Bad?

Ever since its announcement at E3 2012, it’s been a bumpy ride for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. The game was originally scheduled to release on November 19, last year but experienced a last minute delay because the developer thought it was missing some ‘Key Elements.

Following the delay, the game’s hype pretty much settled down for most of the people.

And then there were people who held that they would rather have a more polished game than a broken one. Either way, all of those debates are behind now since the game will be hitting the store shelves within one month.

Seeing different previews and hearing people’s opinions that have had hands-on experience with the game, it looks like the game will live up to expectations.

Hell, it might even give Grand Theft Auto a challenge for its money. All of this brings us to a new debate, and that is – will Watch Dogs become a yearly franchise or a franchise, in general?

When we talk about Ubisoft, it does seem like a convenient option. Popular titles like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Rainbow six have all ended up as franchises – yearly franchise in case of Assassin’s Creed.

It does not matter whether Ubisoft confirms it or not, workers of developing studio will continue to give out hints, which suggest that Watch Dogs might end up getting the same fate as other titles – a milked franchise.

Ubisoft’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tony Key sounded quite confident when he stated that the company does not start a project at all if they don’t think they can build a franchise out of it – and all of this was being said in context of Watch Dogs.

Personally, if the franchise takes a route as Far Cry with 2-3-year gap and turns out to be as good as Far Cry 3 was; I’m totally fine with it.

However, if making a franchise means following the footsteps of Assassin’s Creed, Guitar Hero or Call of Duty then that worries me.

Putting Watch Dogs aside, some of the highly anticipated titles like The Division and The Crew that are underway are being developed by Ubisoft. And if we were to believe Mr. Key, then both games already have sequels in progress, and the first game is not even out yet.

Let’s just assume that Watch Dogs 2 is currently in development, it won’t do the studio any good, unless they bring a drastic change in the franchise.

Merely changing cities will certainly not serve them well.

Incorporating similar gameplay mechanics while changing setting and eras is something we have already seen in Assassin’s Creed. Despite being repetitive, these games still gather a huge following, and that’s why developers won’t take a breather.

Ubisoft Montreal’s head Yannis Mallat firmly believes that fans are always eager to get sequels, and the company will stop making them when the fans say so.

Though we hate to agree, but people who complain about these franchises, always end-up playing them. Anyway, those of you wondering whether or not a sequel for Watch Dogs is already in the making. It’s not.

Creative Director of Watch Dogs Jonathan Morin has confirmed that currently, there is not is no such thing as Watch Dogs 2.

However, it’s not like it will never be. It solely depends on players what route the franchise will take. There is one thing which is certain, it will not take as long as it took Watch Dogs to develop.

With all being said, what do you think will become of Watch Dogs if Ubisoft chose to make it next yearly franchise?