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Titanfall PC Matchmaking Issue Can be Solved by Manual Updates

Some of the players in Titanfall PC were experiencing matchmaking problems in their game and Respawn released an update last week that fixed the issue for most of the players.

However, recent reports indicate that some of the players are still facing the matchmaking issue and according to a user of Respawn thread, the reason for that may be ‘no auto-updating’ from EA’s Origin.

Slothy wrote:

Right click in Origin and see if there’s an update you haven’t gotten. It sounds like for some people, Origin isn’t auto-updating the game. But if you manually do it it’ll get the update.

Since we patched last week, you’re one of just a few players who didn’t get it, so you’re left behind until you get this patch. We’re talking to EA about it so they know about the bug – if you have any info to add, just drop it here.

Titanfall made its way to the Xbox One and PC on 11th of March and has become one of the main reasons for the success for Microsoft’s Next-Gen console. Titanfall brings a brand new approach to the multiplayer games, where some really agile soldiers go against each other with the help of giant Mechs called Titans.

Have you been experiencing the Matchmaking bug on your Titanfall PC? Let us know if the manual update fixes the issue! And if you experiencing other issues related to Titanfall, you can also refer to our troubleshooting guide.

Source: Respawn