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Stalker: Lost Alpha Mod Now Available

Lost Alpha, the standalone mod for the first-person shooter survival game Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, is now available to download. The mod adds back levels and content that was back then cut from the main game.

Unfortunately, Lost Alpha is seeing to an earlier release due to some testers leaking the game last year. The rushed release means that Lost Alpha will not be as polished as the developers would had wanted it to be but perhaps future updates could fix that.

In a post on its official Facebook page, the developer explained how the leaked version is an unfinished one with numerous “render bugs.” Hence those who had previously tried the mod and were left disappointed, should now turn their attention towards the final build.

“An early version of Lost Alpha was leaked online earlier this month after five years in development,” developer GSC Game World explained on its official Facebook page. “Some testers have decided to ruin years of our hard work and have leaked an unfinished render-test build of Lost Alpha to the public.

“The beta dates back to 5th November, 2013. This leaked version is not finished and not prepared to be released by any means. It contains render bugs that we’ve been working on since last year among the other ones that prevent smooth gameplay.”

GSC also added that the final build looks and plays awesome. In the future the team will try to update the game whenever possible to make it even more better than it is now.

You can download Lost Alpha from here. A 64-bit operating system is highly recommended for the mod to function efficiently.

Earlier this month we asked Dez0wave whether the rushed release means content being cut from the mod. Except for some minor cosmetics cut, the mod will feature “all maps and core mechanics.” The developer further added that “some existing maps were even revised within the last 6 months; adding more d├ęcor, tasks, stashes, etc.”