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Skype Group Video Call Now Free on Xbox One, PC and Mac

Microsoft has announced that the Group Video Call in Skype will now be free to use in PC, Mac and Xbox One. You can now add 9 users to their call sessions, summing up to 10 users in a single call.

Previously the feature was available only on the Xbox One provided the users had an Xbox Live Gold membership.

Speaking on official blog, Microsoft added that in the future users will be able to participate in group video calls across different platforms for free as well.

All the features that come with Group Video Calls will be available to use free of cost, like Screen-Sharing, which has many uses of its own. On Xbox, users can stream their game on Skype, and friends can just drop-in and watch.

Microsoft acquired Skype 2 years ago for $8.5 billion, which the analysts felt was more than Skype’s actual worth. Along with its then 663 million registered users, Skype also brought its $686 million debt to Microsoft.