Pre-Order Destiny From Select Retailers to Get an Upgraded Sparrow Bike

Those interesting in traveling faster across the plains of Bungie’s Destiny can pre-order the game from selected retailers to receive an upgraded Sparrow vehicle.

The offer is available from both GameStop in the US and GAME in the UK; and applies to all platforms – PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360.

The Sparrow vehicle boasts better acceleration, a higher top speed, thicker armor plating, and a custom paint job. An accompanying trailer that was released earlier shows us the vehicle in action and also mentions how you’ll be able to earn some of the traits in-game.

Sparrows are rapid deployment vehicles designed to get you where you need to go at breakneck speed. Along with the custom paintjob, this exclusive, prototype version features upgraded initial acceleration and higher top speed than the standard model. To compensate for the boost, the hull has also been fitted with enhanced armor plating.

Pre-ordering Destiny also confirms you access to the upcoming beta on the platform of your choosing.

Recently Destiny’s official website was updated to include descriptions of enemies players will be facing in the game. There are going to be four of them, all alien. They are called Fallen, Hive, Vex and Cabal.

Destiny is scheduled for launch on September 9.