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New Games Republic Store Lets You Plug Things You Like

A new venture called Games Republic has popped up that could be an interesting idea for people to connect to certain games. It features a way for content creators and users to merge as one, helping each other find new things.

To get started, you need to sign up for the service. Then, you can put up your own store and show off games you think people should pick up.

Creation works with a relatively easy drag and drop style, though some birthing kinks may still occur. Pick one of the few indie titles currently present, list them in a row you’d like to show off and then update the store to reflect your changes.

Additionally, you can feature a list of titles on your top bar for extra visibility, such as Steam’s Feature slider on the homepage. This can drive additional traffic to the games you want people to pick up.

As a neat kicker, however, you can link these products towards your Youtube account and show people exactly why they should buy that particular game. That’s a rather personally approachable hook towards plugging games.

As a blogger, this is also beneficial in more ways than just some traffic. Each game sold through your shop nets you a 15% share. For instance, a $20 sale gets you $3, after taxes and commissions.

Games Republic is put up by 11 bit Studios, the developers behind the Anomaly tower defense series. We love the creativity shown off here that merges social media and marketing together.

It’s like a more accessible version of Steam, where your friends tell you what games you need to pick up, without rummaging through the rest of the line-up.