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Final Fantasy XV Updated Xbox One Website Reveals New Gameplay Details

Final Fantasy XV has received a new update in its description on a Japanese website for the Xbox One, which provides some new details on what to expect from the game’s combat and presentation.

The next game in the famous series will feature a brand new system which has never been seen in the previous titles, by making use of the next-gen technology of the consoles. Now, the characters will be able to move more freely throughout the whole terrain.

The battle system of the upcoming RPG will require more thinking from the players as you switch between your team members to gain victory in the battle.

The main character Noktis and his friends are now part of the war as they are the only remaining heirs of Lucis, which holds the world’s last crystal.

Final Fantasy XV was first announced in June last year at E3. Directed by Tetsuya Nomura, Final Fantasy XV has been developed at the 1st Production Department at Square Enix.

The story of the game begins, where Lucis and Niflheim have declared a truce between them to end the war that has been going to obtain the last remaining crystal of the world but on the day signing of the truce is scheduled, things go awfully wrong.

So far, the details on Final Fantasy XV are scarce but we hope Square Enix will reveal more at this year’s E3 in June. What are your expectations from the game?