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Dark Souls 2 Dev From Software Bought by Publisher Kadokawa Games

News has just come in that the developer of Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, From Software has been acquired by a Japanese publisher Kadokawa – known for the PS3 and PS4 title Natural Doctrine.

Based on the report, the publisher will be taking over the company by buying off 80 percent of its shares. The deal is to be finalized on May 21 and we are expected to get the figures of the deal some time before that.

In the words of From Software’s chief executive officer Naotoshi Zin, the acquisition will make it possible for the developer to make newer and deeper games – a new franchise, more like Dark Souls maybe? Here’s what he said:

With a new system, from this point on, I believe we’ll be able to make newer and more in depth games.

Moving on, he gave three key areas that have been the focus of people behind the takeover, these include certain causes and certain benefits that they wished to avail:

  • To further expand platforms. Everything from simple hardware to cloud network.
  • The requirement to better correspond to regions (more global, more local).
  • The coalescence between content.

Kadokawa is actually a group of publishers that cover different areas like films, books, magazines and of course games. Talking of games, they have been publishing titles for other developers like the Lollipop Chainsaw in the past but with Natural Doctrine, it looks like they are trending towards making own titles.

From Software on the other hand, has been famed for Dark Souls and Dark SOuls 2 as well as the Armored Core and Tenchu series. Although they raised to fame with the Dark Souls series, they have been in the business since 1986 and have been an independent studio all the time.

Source: Famitsu