Another Call of Duty 2014 Image Teased by Sledgehammer Games

We know that everyone is eager to know more about the Call of Duty 2104 title, whatever they may call it officially. However, until very recently, everyone was almost blank when it came to the details about the title.

All we knew was that it would come out in 2014. However, recently the developer Sledgehammer Games has started sharing tidbits about the game.

Although the couple of things they have shared are nothing more than teasers, they are still coming from the official channel. Recently, the official website of Sledgehammer Games put up a banner dedicated to Call of Duty 2014.

It is as simple as it gets, on a black background, white bold letters tease, ‘Call of Duty. Coming Soon.’

This is the second time that they have teased the game. Previously it was the Game Developers Conference 2014 where we were shown actual in-game characters that had been rendered with the next-gen first approach that the developer had promised.

With the teasers starting to form the looks of a series, it is highly likely that we will get a whole load of information about the game at the E3 2014. We have our fingers crossed though.

Coming to the point of official reveal, it is also usual for a title in the series to be revealed around the end of April or the start of May. Could it be that the banner in question is asking us to gear up for the official news before E3?

What are you expecting from Call of Duty 2014, could it revive the original spirit of the series or will it follow suit with Call of Duty: Ghosts?