Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Initiative Will Use Steam Workshop

Sometime ago, Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Initiative, a mod of Portal 2 that brings a paint gun into Aperture Science was greenlit by Steam. Now the modders have announced that they will be using the Steam Workshop for creating and sharing user generated content.

Lead developer for the Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Initiative mod, Motanum took to the Steam Community website and announced the availability of the mod on Steam Workshop.

Although he says that the level editor is not in its perfect shape right now, and that it is not as simple as that of Portal 2; he says it will still convey the feasibility of the concept:

I am very happy to announce the Steam Workshop for Aperture Tag. Users will be able to create their own puzzles using a modified level editor from Portal 2. Create and play puzzles made by the community using a paint gun. Currently, the level editor and it’s parts are very rough and mostly a proof of concept.

However, this does show that it’s a feasable thing to do. Where the goods greatly displace the flaws, so even if it is not as simple to use as Portal 2’s editor, it still would bring a lot of value to the game and it’s value.

So how does the whole Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Initiative mod work with Steam Workshop? Check out the Developer Community video above and find out.