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State of Decay Lifeline DLC Features Detailed

State of Decay made quite a name for itself upon its release on Xbox 360 and PC last year. It got a pretty good reception from the critics and fans because of its unique gameplay style based on a Zombie Apocalypse.

Now, the developer behind the game has decided to shed more light on the game’s upcoming DLC “Lifeline”, which is slated for a summer release. Lifeline will feature a brand new base in an abandoned mall that is called the Black Friday, where players will be sent on multiple rescue missions on the whole map.

State of Decay Lifeline DLC will also include a field workshop, which will be helpful in repairing your weapons and it can also be upgraded to the ammunition shop depending upon the resources. Another feature called Perimeter Defenses will be added to allow you to place different traps (fireworks, mines and propane tanks) throughout the mall.

Furthermore, two other features called Landing Zone and Latrine Facility will be added: the landing zone will let you order a drop for the weapons and resources while Latrine facility has to be built and used otherwise, the player will get sick. 40 new weapons will also be added and the developers promise that Maya Torres will make an appearance in the game as well.

We have detailed as much as we can on the Lifeline DLC, but for more information, head to the official website of Undead Labs.

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