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LostWinds Can Now Be Transferred From Wii to Wii U

While Nintendo had provided a process for Wii owners to move their stored content over to a Wii U, there were a few exceptions that could not be transferred. LostWinds was one such example.

Many were disappointed to having bought the game from Nintendo’s eShop only to find out later that they could not transfer the game over to a newly bought Wii U.

Thankfully after all of this time, Nintendo has taken notice and has issued a statement saying that the game is now transferable.


We would like to inform you that a new update is now available for LostWinds.

This new update allows the title to be moved to a Wii U console using the system transfer application. Please download this update and perform the system transfer again to transfer LostWinds to your Wii U Console.

Wii Shop Channel team

The statement was made by Nintnedo’s European division but expect the same to happen for North America as well.

LostWinds was released in 2008 for the Wii and acted as a launch title for WiiWare. Players take control of a young boy named Toku who heads out to rescue the elemental wind spirit Enril from the antagonist Balasar, a vengeful spirit.

Source Nintendo Everything