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Dota 2 Spring Cleaning Patch Brings lots of Fixes, Improvements and Gameplay Changes

The very anticipated pre The International 4 patch has finally come, and not only does it bring the necessary nerfs to the new pubstomper heroes such as Terrorblade, Phoenix and Ember Spirit, but it also brings a ton of interface changes and a huge list of bug fixes.

There are lots of improvements to the Inventory, the Interface in general, the Settings menu and the Workshop has now 10 more heroes to work with.

Then the list of Bug Fixes is HUGE! Some of them include disallowing a Relocated Magnus to Skewer people in the fountain, thus preventing Na’Vi from doing similar shenanigans like the fountain hooks at TI3, preventing Phoenix from one shotting enemies with a Blademail and seeing trees being destroyed in the Fog of War.

Then the new 6.81 changes come and with it, lots of changes to heroes and items further improve the game.

Besides the slight nerfs to the arguably strongest heroes of the previous patch, lots of good changes have been introduced, such as a new Aghanim Scepter Upgrade for Keeper of the Light, which turns him into a real Gandalf, the ability for Zeus to deward and a negative aura to the enemy hero that kills Vengeful Spirit.

The Patch notes can be read in the official Dota 2 Blog here.

The full in depth patch analysis has been done by Luminous, the statsman Bruno and TobiWan and can be watched here.

Valve has also announced that the Regional Qualifiers for TI4 will begin in only 2 weeks! So be on the lookout for that as lots of blood sweat and tears are guaranteed to be spilled!

Also the Dreamhack Invitational is currently being held in Bucharest, with Cloud 9, Alliance and Fnatic duking it out for a $30.000 prizepool and it’s being streamed in English in the BeyondTheSummit TwitchTV Channel.