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Dark Souls 2 PC Crash Fix Promised in “Next Few Days”

Following its release a couple of days back, players in Dark Souls 2 have been reporting crashing issues whenever they launch the game. On rare instances, the game loads up fine but crashes after a few minutes of play.

Namco Bandai has acknowledged the problem and have today announced that they are working on a fix. However, the fix will be released in the next few days and will come in the form of a patch. The company probably wants to merge the fix along with whatever updates they want to make in the game.

A fix is being worked on and will come in the form of a patch. We’re hoping to deploy in the next few days. We’ll make an announcement once it is available. Thank you very much for hanging in there and apologies for the delay.

Namco Bandai promised to “keep everyone informed” of the progress and will reveal a “date/time” for the fix. From the way the statement was passed, it’s possible that players might have to wait more than a couple of days.

This may come as bad news for those who were hoping to spend their weekend journeying through Dark Souls 2, which despite rumors is looking pretty beautiful on the PC.