PlayStation 4 Update 1.7 Features Video Shows What To Expect

Sony has today officially announced that they will be rolling out Update 1.7 for the PlayStation 4 on April 30, 2014.

The upcoming PlayStation 4 update is being highly anticipate by consumers, since it carries a lot of features that have been requested by fans since the console’s release last year.

A video released by Sony Europe this morning showcased some of the new features. As previously stated, the update will include the Sharefactory and HDCP removal. Additionally users will finally be able to play both UStream and Twitch in full glorious HD. Archiving feature will also be there for the streaming platforms.

Both of these features were missing from the console before and the streams were limited to just 420p or below. Users were also not able to store any videos. Update 1.7 will be fixing that, as well as overhauling the layout of Twitch on the PS4. The chat bar is now to the right of the stream as opposed to bottom.

The PlayStation Vita TV update will also be released alongside the PS4, making it possible to stream between both platforms.

Community manager Chris Owen also Tweeted that they are more features in store and will be revealed as we head nearer to the update’s launch.