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Minecraft 1.8 Guide – How to Craft Enchanted Golden Apple

In addition to including User Terrain Generation, addressing several issues, and featuring a ton of customization option, Minecraft 1.8 update also comes packed with a missable Achievement – which is the purpose of this guide.

Overpowered is an Achievement in upcoming Minecraft 1.8 update, which requires you to craft an Enchanted Golden Apple.

What is Enchanted Golden Apple?
Golden Apples are extremely rare food items in Minecraft, which are really hard to come by. Of course, you will stumble upon them once in a blue moon in different Dungeons and Strongholds, but that’s highly unlikely.

As for Enchanted Golden Apples, they are rarer versions of Golden Apples and can only be crafted. These not-so-common apples provide your character with Absorption for 02:00 minutes, Regeneration V for 00:30 seconds, Resistance and Fire Resistance for 05:00 minutes.

However, they are extremely expensive to craft and maybe that’s why made it to be an Achievement.

How to Craft
Simply, in order to craft an Enchanted Golden Apple, you will need:

  • One ordinary Apple (in the center)
  • Eight blocks of Gold (surrounding the common Apple)

Ordinary Apples are certainly not hard to come by, and you can easily acquire them via trading, from Treasure Chests, and from Dungeons/Strongholds.

The problem lies with Gold Blocks, which are really expensive. In order to craft a Gold Block, you will need nine Gold Ingots that can be crafted from Gold Ore.

Once you have acquired a Gold Ore, you need to put it in furnace and melt it to transform it into a Gold Ingot. Once you have gathered all the required materials, you can head to your Crafting Table and craft the Enchanted Golden Apple for the Achievement.

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