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Indie Racer Super Toy Cars Coming To Nintendo Wii U

Spanish developer Eclipse Games has announced that their current project of Super Toy Cars has extended its production to include a version for Nintendo Wii U. It’s currently also available through Steam and its Early Access program.

Super Toy Cars is pretty much exactly what you’d come to expect of it. It’s an arcade racing game with some vehicular combat elements in a tiny world comprised of toy vehicles.

Through zoomed in environments, players drive and crash their way to the top spot. These locations include a playroom, a tool shed and even an outside area with weather elements.

There are 12 tracks to take on in total and that in five different ways. That tallies the game’s career mode to 48 events.

Moreover, Super Toy Cars has 16 different car builds. Each comes with their own handling style. You may need to unlock some through the career mode.

For the Nintendo Wii U version, Super Toy Cars will support up to 4 players for local multiplayer. Unfortunately, the 8-player online option is restricted to the PC version.

Steam’s version of the game is currently listed at $6.99. Therefore, you can assume that the Wii U edition of Super Toy Cars will have a similar price tag.

Hopefully, the Early Access build allows the developers to get some great feedback that they can use to put into the Wii U version. Super Toy Cars looks quite charming already, with just a hint of the classic Micro Machines games.