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GeDoSaTo PC Mod for Dark Souls 2 Adds Downsampling and Texture Modification

Bearers of the Curse! All hail Peter ‘Durante’ Thoman for he has achieved something extraordinary!

A PC modder Peter Thoman who also goes by the name of Durante has just released a graphics mod for From Software’s RPG Dark Souls 2. Previously, Durante has been known for his work on improving visual fidelity of the original Dark Souls PC version.

Generic Downsampling Tool or GeDoSaTo is still in the public alpha state and addresses issues like downsampling, texture modification, post-processing options, various in-game effects, ambient occlusion, anti-aliasing, and depth-of-field.

On his personal blog, Durante states that Generic Downsampling Tool will allow everyone to downsample every game without worrying about the restrictions imposed by their monitors or display drivers. Although GeDoSaTo is currently only available for Dark Souls II, Durante firmly believes that it will also support even DirectX 9 games in future.

Those of you interested in downloading and testing GeDoSaTo can download it from Thoman’s Blog where he also discusses some of the issues that you might face and discusses his projects for future. The complete details regarding the mod can be found at PC Gamer and Thoman’s personal blog; linked below.

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Source: PC Gamer & Durante’s Blog