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GameStop to Close 120 Stores to Focus on Mobile Games Industry

One of the popular gaming stores “GameStop” has decided to shutdown 120 of its stores in the upcoming months, so that the company can focus on the emerging mobile video games industry. The announcement came via the GameStop’s CEO Paul Raines, while he was speaking during the annual investor presentation.

He revealed that the company will now focus on the mobiles and tablets, and to achieve this goal, more retail shops will open, which will solely deal with Smartphones and Apple devices. Raines is naming this transition as “GameStop 3.0”.

The current fiscal year of GameStop will see more than 250 Spring Mobile store locations and Simply Mac will get over 25 stores to increase the sales of the mobiles and tablets. Moreover, there will be addition of 100 to 150 Cricket locations as well, so that the company can expand their pre-paid wireless sales.

Mobile gaming market is constantly expanding with new games coming in from multiple famous developers and considering the popularity of GameStop, it looks like they have taken the step in the right direction.

What do you think of this latest transition from GameStop? Has Paul Raines decided to go in the right direction with Gamestop 3.0? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!