DICE Has Yet To Fully Fix Rubber Banding in Battlefield 4

Six months after the release of Battlefield 4, DICE is still fixing different issues plaguing the game.

In a statement on the official blog, Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE VP & GM acknowledged the issue of Rubber Banding and shared how the developer has worked to fix that issue since the release of Naval Strike.

Rubber Banding is basically when your character after moving in a direction is teleported back where it should be if it was being accurately reflected on the screen.

It’s extremely annoying in first-person shooters where every instant on the battlefield counts.

Signifying the importance of the update, Magnus said that they ‘are already seeing performance improvement with 64-player matches and expect this to continue’.

Delay in the release of this fix has been attributed to the amount of testing it required before it could be released, but the fact that DICE haven’t completely fixed the issue should be concerning for the hardcore Battlefield 4 community.

Should they settle for improvement? Or a permanent fix to these issues? The answer is obvious, but the one that DICE have failed to come up with, and it will definitely affect this franchise in the future.

Battlefield franchise has been the holy grail of first-person-shooters with trend setting features and approach that made it stand out in the crowded shooter genre but if the best EA/DICE can do is improve the experience, they need to do better before consumer’s trust hits rock bottom.