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Cloudbuilt Adds Controller Support To Its Platform Game

Fast-paced platform game Cloudbuilt has released an update that adds controller support to its Steam release. It should support most supported devices.

Here’s something that should be self-explanatory, but somehow developer Coilworks missed the boat on seeing the importance of easily manipulated handling in third-person. On the game’s recent announcement page, it states:

On the one hand, Cloudbuilt is – at its heart – a fast-paced speed-running platform that requires precision and quick reflexes, making it ideally suited for keyboard and mouse controls. On the other though… well, people want controller support.

That or it’s a lot easier to multi-task with hands easily fitted around a 3D device, such as a controller, than it is to mash all fingers closely together on a flat keyboard. It’s not that a keyboard is an impassable object in platform titles, but something as complex as Cloudbuilt can only benefit from the precision of analog sticks and comfortably placed buttons.

In Cloudbuilt, players try to get from point A to point B as fast as possible in an open-ended aerial environment. To get to their goal, they need to perform quick wall running segments, leap over chasms and avoid a series of obstacles.

During this frantic action, there are also enemies out to get you, increasing the challenge considerably. It’s quite tricky to say the least.

Cloudbuilt is currently available on Steam for €18.99.