Citizens of Earth Gameplay Teaser Has Dragon Riding, Yup

There’s a short gameplay teaser out for Citizens of Earth from publisher Atlus. It’s about as bubbly as a trailer can get.

It starts off with the word “charming” plastered across the screen, which is exactly the word we’d use to describe this roleplaying game (RPG). Its hand-drawn visuals with thick outlines are rich in colors and the animations bounce around for an extra cute factor.

In the clip, we see the protagonist, displayed by a vice president, walk around the town and various other locations with a league of constituents in their trail. This ragtag army of misfits serves as your party in Citizens of Earth, which can be recruited freely throughout the universe of the game.

There’s some light chatter with some of the town’s inhabitants, which winks at the conversation system tied to recruiting new members. Then, there’s also some more running through less friendly environments, such as an ongoing protest.

And is that a dragon they’re casually riding on? It totally is. That’s a selling game feature, right there.

More importantly, there’s also a short look at some of the game’s turn-based combat, which will include aforementioned protestors, but also other disgruntled populace. It’s your job as vice president to tell people how to defeat them. You wouldn’t want to do it yourself; you’ll get dirty.

Citizens of Earth was recently picked up by Atlus, after its Kickstarter project failed to garner enough attention to be produced independently. It has a strong resemblance to the world of classic RPG Earthbound, which is probably doing it some favors.

As a plus, Citizens of Earth is coming to PC, Playstation 4, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. That’s a lot of platforms and it includes the Nintendo tie to Earthbound fans. No Xbox though, but maybe that will be announced later.