The Amazing Spider-Man 2 First 15 Minutes of Gameplay Surfaces

New Video of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 has surfaced online just ahead of its release on 29th of April, which shows the first 15 minutes of the game on the Xbox 360.

As you can see in the video above, the visuals of the game hasn’t improved much from the last game in the series, also the web-slinging mechanics also looks a bit tweaked and one thing which you will notice is that the game looks quite dark. However, it could be the video camera’s fault or maybe the developers want to put a new spin to the game.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is developed by Beenox Studio, which have been in charge of the game for quite some time now, with this game they are trying to put Spider-Man in a very difficult situation, where he will have to survive the bounty hunters that are put after him by Kingpin.

Just like the last game, Spider-Man will be able to roam around freely in the New York Manhattan area, with the new Menace system, which will award you good points for helping the people in need or solving the crimes and you will get menace points, every time you ignore a crime scene.

What do you think of the first 15 minutes of the Amazing Spider-Man 2?