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Watch Dogs Pushes You To Be “Curious” Unlike GTA V

People have been comparing GTA V and Watch Dogs since their announcement due to number of similarities in both of the titles, but in an interview with Gamasutra, creative director of Watch Dogs Jonathan Morin emphasized that they want players to learn things by themselves rather than being taught:

I would put GTA in that category, where they would really spend a lot of time in the course of the game teaching you stuff. Personally, I like, and I miss, in certain games this idea that players become curious. You want to ignite their sense of wonder and try to discover possibilities.

That’s why the single-button hacking ended up becoming also the icon of the button on screen. It’s almost like, ‘Oh. What does that one do?’ So the only thing you have to teach is: When there is an X [on PlayStation] you hold it, and it hacks the thing.

The rest is about experimentation. And also about the skill tree — which is, you unlock it, but when you unlock it, you know a bit what you’re choosing to unlock, which gives you, already, an insight on how it’s going to work.

The developers of Watch Dogs want the players to have their own unique experience and instead of just moving from mission to mission people will find new things to do in the game as they explore.

In the end he said that the focal point of the open world games should be creating opportunities for the players that they will discover on their own throughout the course of the game.

You will learn what Watch Dogs offers when it hits the shelves on May 27th for the Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and PC.