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The Sims 4 Will Be Shown At E3, EA Confirms

Sims 4 was officially announced last year in May as the next iteration in the Sims franchise, which is said to be way more realistic than any title before. However, since showing some gameplay at Gamescom, EA went quite on the project and didn’t reveal any other information on the game, but now that is going to change.

According to the Sims 4 Producer Rachel Franklin’s Twitter account, more information on the next game in the series will be revealed at this year’s E3.

Although, The Sims 4 will have the same context as the previous games but this time, emotions of the characters will be taken more seriously. Most of the time in the game will now be spent keeping the mood of your character up to the level where they enjoy everything rather than being sad.

Moreover, the developers have confirmed that the game will not require a high end PC, which means players who were experiencing troubles with Sims 3 due to their lower-end PCs will now be able to play without any interruptions.

What do you think EA will have in store for us at E3 regarding The Sims 4?